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Lixin Cheng
Journal of Waste Resources and Reprocessing

Journal of Waste Resources and Reprocessing (JWRAR) is an international journal open access journal dedicated to the presentation and discussion of information on the prevention, monitoring, treatment, handling, reuse and ultimate residual disposition of solid wastes, both in industrialized and in economically developing countries. The journal addresses various types of solid wastes including municipal (e.g., residential, institutional, commercial, light industrial), agricultural, and special (e.g., C and D, health care, household hazardous wastes, sewage sludge).

Production of cellulases by Aspergillus niger IOC 3998 by means of solid-state fermentation (SSF) using as substrate the chestnut seed (Terminalia catappa Linn.)
Organic residues are widely used for the production of enzymes in the industry in general as substrates for producing cellulases by Aspergillus niger IOC 3998 on Semi-Solid Fermentation (SSF)....
Investigating the Cr Dynamics in Sweet Pepper Plants Cultivated with Vermicomposted Tannery Waste
In this study, the dynamics of Cr forms was investigated in sweet pepper plants cultivated with vermicomposted tannery waste, in a greenhouse. Additionally, Cr conversion during vermicomposting was investigated to mitigate the levels of Cr (VI) and C...
Mulch Film Usage and Pollution Control in China: A Spatial, Temporal, and Social Analysis
The time–space distributions and trends of mulch film consumption in China were analyzed by combining GIS displays and model fitting of data from Year 2000 to 2019. The trends and influence factors in respect of mulch film use in China were studied...
Comparative study of the fertilizing powers and phytotoxic potential of compost juice and compost from olive industry wastes
In this work, we aim to valorize the olive industry wastes as organic fertilizers, an integral part of the circular economy. The study is focused on the evaluation of the fertilizing powers and phytotoxic potential of the compost juice in comparison ...