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Journal of Psychology & Neuropsychiatry Studies (JPNS) is an international, open access, peer review journal dedicated to various disciplines of Psychology and Neurology. Our main aim is to publish high-quality articles such as Research, Review, Case reports, Short Communications, and Clinical Images etc. 

JPNS provide a basic platform for researchers, scientists, scholars, and students to publish their research work & update the latest research information related to the study of neuropsychology, diagnosis, treatments.

Sibutramine (Hidden Ingredient)-Induced Psychosis, Associated with the Use of Herbal Slimming Product, A Case Report
Adulteration of herbal products with active pharmaceutical ingredients and banned substances is an emerging health hazard. Many of commercially available weight loss preparations were found to contain hidden ingredients, not disclosed on labeling....
A Rare Case of Factitious Bleeding from Multiple Sites: Munchausen’s Syndrome
Munchausen’s syndrome is a psychiatric disorder in which patients inflict on themselves an illness or injury for the primary purpose of assuming the sick role. These patients can present with many different complaints and clinical symptoms includin...