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Journal of Orthopaedics and Bone Research (JOBR) is a scientific and international journal that aims to cover all the topics in the field of orthopedic. Orthopedic studies, which includes Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Trauma and Spine and miscellaneous topics in the field of Orthopaedics and Bone Research.

Orthopedics is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. ​The aim of the journal is to be the first choice for all the readers around the globe to get benefitted with the research work we publish as papers in and around the topics of orthopedic treatment, in rehabilitation and disability services, and in trauma management. 


Factors Associated with Underweight among Lactating Mothers in Adama District, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
In Sub-Saharan Africa, including Ethiopia, there is a high prevalence of malnutrition among lactating mothers. To reduce Underweight problems among lactating mothers Ethiopia government implemented different programs.The aim of this study was to iden...
Biomechanical Aetiology of the So-called Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). Lublin Classification (1995-2007). Causative Influences Connected with “Gait” and “Standing ‘at ease’ on the Right Leg”
Over many years the etiology of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) was unknown. As hypothetic factors were mentioned: genetic and hormonal factors, growth abnormalities, neuromuscular influences, disorders in the growth of bones, disorders in m...
Serum Creatine Kinase: A Predictive Biomarker for Diagnosis of Acute Compartment Syndrome in the Paediatric Population
Acute Compartment Syndrome (CS) of the limb is difficult to diagnose in the paediatric age group due to their tolerance of absolute CP with no clinical sequelae. This study was aimed to analyse Serum Creatine Kinase (SCK) level in patients with clini...
Implant Augmentation for Trochanteric Fractures with an Innovative, Ready to Use Calcium-Phosphate-Cement
It has become established practice to augment osteosyntheses with polymethylmethacrylate. However, material-specific problems remain unsolved. The aim of this study was the dynamic biomechanical testing of Calcium-Phospat-Cement for the augmentation ...
Decreased Radiation Exposure Using Navigated Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Compared To Fluoroscopy
Minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (MIS TLIF) has been celebrated as a technique for decreasing patient’s post-operative pain, decreased blood loss in the OR, and shorter hospital stays. It has come under criticism recently d...
The Trend of Hallux Valgus Diagnosis and Treatment: NHS England, Population Level Data (1999-2019)
There is a growing body of evidence supporting Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hallux Valgus which promises faster recovery times, quicker procedures, and smaller scaring....
Case Report: Radioulnar Dissociation in a Child
Distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) dislocation is a rare and commonly missed injury in the paediatric population due to the absence of obvious clinical deformity. Failure to diagnose and treat complex DRUJ dissociation can result in persistent subluxatio...
Vascularized Bone Graft of Zaidemberg in the Upper Pseudarthrosis of the Scaphoid
The authors studied the results of a series of 11 cases concerning the vascularized bone graft of Zaidemberg in scaphoid pseudoarthrosis. This graft is indicated in case of proximal or old nonunion, or in the presence of proximal polar necrosis. This...