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Journal of Nursing and Healthcare Management (JNHM) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that encourages innovations and advancements in the nursing and healthcare which aims at improving the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Our Journal is interested in publishing all kinds of original work in this multidisciplinary field of nursing and healthcare that help in improving the complete health of people in the age range of infants to young adults.


Effect of Maternal Awareness regarding Antenatal Care on Newborn Health in Bangladesh
New born care is an effective way to meet the baby’s needs which mothers’ have been achieved from antenatal care services. This service is extremely important during pregnancy to reduce neonatal and infant mortality and morbidity....
Health Literacy Status of the Patients Informal Caregivers; Turkey Example
Health literacy affects the ability to access and use the right information. The purpose of our study was to the evaluation of health literacy status of patients’ informal caregivers in research hospital services....
Reversible Blindness Associated with Preeclampsia – A Report of Three Cases
A large number of pregnancies are affected by hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a systemic disease and affects almost all organs of the body. When visual cortex is affected the patient may develop blindness which is temporary and r...
Nurses are Vital to Improving Clinical Integrity and Documentation in Hospitals
Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Specialist are needed to improve data integrity and documentation in a hospital setting because physicians are too busy and do not have time to search through large volumes of data. ...
The Effectiveness of an E-Learning Program on Nurse’s Knowledge and Behavior for Caring of Patients with Thromboembolism: A Comparative Study
Continuing education is an essential part of the nursing professionalization and it can be helpful for the nursing behavior development. It seems the area of continuing medical education programs is the most important areas that e-learning can play a...
Avoiding the Mishaps of Healthcare Provision
Legal Medicine consists of a broad range of legal, medical, and ethical issues, as well as human rights and rights of individuals....
The Effects of a Transformational Nursing Leadership Program on Perceived Leader Behaviors
To evaluate the effects of a transformational leadership program on nurse leaders’ perceived practices in one California hospital. US health care organizations are developing methods to strengthen Transformational Leadership (TL) practices within n...
Bullying Behavior does not Support the Normal Standard of Care
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 2,955,200 nursing jobs in 2016 and the job outlook expects a fifteen percent growth in need from 2016-2026 (BLS, 2018). Further, it is projected that there will be more than 1 million registered ...
Analyzing the Performance of the U.S. Healthcare System
Despite being the most overfunded in the world, the U.S healthcare system underperforms in key aspects of health care services including access, efficiency, quality, and equity. With the federal government spending in excess of $2 trillion per year o...
Factors Affecting Hospital Reimbursements
Hospital reimbursement is a critical issue in the healthcare sector. The performance of hospitals depends on the reimbursement programs, which are developed over time. There are many differences in the way patients are admitted and readmitted in the ...