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Epidemiological Study of TB as Major HIV-AIDS Co-Infection
Tuberculosis manifests in the resource-limited set-up of under-developed and developing nations. These regions are plagued by poor or malnutrition, disease, and infections1. Weakened immunity due to tuberculosis might lead to Acquired Immunodeficienc...
Relationship between Structures of C5C7 Carbon Nanotubes and Geometry of Ornamental
In this article, we are going to look at structures of Carbon Nanotubes of the type C5C7. In fact, we examine the role of these structures in the nature and everyday life of humans. These structures are very functional so, they play a huge role in th...
Optimization of Physics-Mechanical Parameters of Hardening Complex Metal Coatings: Regression-Tensor Approach
Development of methods of hardening the working surfaces of cutting machines presumes complex physics-chemical processes (PCP). So, essential still are the issues of formalization/processing the respective mathematical models. In the given context, r...
Bunching of Numbers in a Non-Ideal Roulette: The Key to Winning Strategies
Chances of a gambler are always lower than chances of a casino in the case of an ideal, mathematically perfect roulette, if the capital of the gambler is limited and the minimum and maximum allowed bets are limited by the casino. However, a realistic...
Factors Affecting Students’ Performance a Case of Private Colleges in Lebanon
Every educational system consists of an examination system through which the qualities and abilities of the students are assessed by giving those grades and positions. ...
Modelling the Determinants of Age at First Marriage in Nigeria Using Cox Regression Models
This study analysed the demographic, socioeconomic and sociocultural factors that affect age at first marriage in the six geo-political regions in Nigeria. Data from 31482 married females aged 15-49 years obtained from the Nigerian Demographic and He...
Mechanical Equations of Dynamic Systems on Weyl-Finsler Manifolds
Finsler geometry is an alternative approach to geometrization of fields and its fundamental idea can be traced of Riemann geometry so that Finsler geometry is a nearest generalization of Riemannian metric geometry....
Alternative Robust Methods of Multivariate Outlier Detection
A multivariate outlying observation is an amalgamation of infrequent marks on as minimum two or more variables. The purpose of this study is recognition of unusual observations in multivariate dataset engaging several techniques, mainly using Mahalan...
Conditioning Gaussian Measure on Hilbert Space
For a Gaussian measure on a separable Hilbert space with covariance operator C, we show that the family of conditional measures associated with conditioning on a closed subspace S⊥ are Gaussian with covariance operator the short S(C) of the operato...
Computing of Szeged Index in Nanotrees Dendrimer T κ,η [n]
A dendrimer nanostar is a synthesized molecule built up from branched unit called monomers. Dendrimers are a new class of polymeric materials. Th ey are highly branched, monodisperse macromolecules. Th e structure of these materials has a great impa...