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Journal of Innovations in Energy science

Journal of Innovations in Energy science (JIES) is a peer-reviewed​ worldwide open access journal, which offers researchers in every field to make a stride ahead and get the best information for energy studies. It accepts new publications from scholars and thus enriches the benefits to the students, readers, audience etc. 

JIES accepts original research articles, reviews, short communications, opinions etc. Its focus is on Types of Energy, Building Energy Research, Power Engineering, Energy Conversion, Frontiers in Energy and so on.


Recovery of Non-Sugar Compounds from Bagasse Hydrolysates
Non-sugar compounds (e.g., organic acids, phenolic compounds, furfural, 5-HMF) released during the pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass can have a negative impact on downstream enzymatic and microbial processes....
Analysis of Performance of Engine and Exhaust Emissions with Modified Biodiesel Fuel
Biodiesel fuel is used in internal combustion diesel engines because it is superior to other fuels. Biodiesel is renewable and non-petroleum based, with lower carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and particulate matter emissions. The current work aimed to e...
Speed Up of B2SOLPS5.0 2D Multi-Fluid Code for Tokamak Edge Plasma Simulation
Account of drifts and current terms leads to decreases the accessible time step for integration of time dependent equations of B2SOLPS5.0.2D multi-fluid code for tokamak edge plasma simulation .Running the code to solve a large number of fluid transp...
Numerical Investigation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Spiral and Segmental Baffle
The shell and tube heat exchanger plays a vital role in a various industries like chemical processing plant, nuclear power plant, thermal power plant etc. The Shell and tube heat exchanger is the cross flow heat exchanger. In this paper a numerical s...
Entropy-Time Relationship in an Isochoric Adiabatic System
A quantitative entropy-time relationship has been concealed in thermodynamics by the unattainability of equation (∂S/∂V)T(p) = S/V that would have allowed for an introduction of time by volume. The fundamental equation that connects the magnitude...
Heterotridentate Organodiphosphines in Pt(η3–P1 P2X1)(Y) (X1 = N1, C1, Si1) Derivatives - Structural Aspects
This review covers monomeric Pt(II) complexes of the compositions Pt(η3–P1 P2N1)(Cl), Pt(η3–P1P2C1)(Cl), and Pt(η3–P1P2Si1)(CH3). The structural parameters of the complexes (Pt-L, L-Pt-L) are analysed, compared with Pt(η3–P1X1P2)(Y) and d...
Methanol as a Reservoir for Hydrogen Production and Distribution
Methanol is a convenient source for the hydrogen production in a distributed mode for medium to small scale production of 3-100 m3/h with a high efficiency of 60-68% in high purity of 99.999%-99,99999%; it is used to produce hydrogen in a compact and...