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Journal of Forensic and Crime Studies (JFCS) is an international peer reviewed journal offering prompt publication of rapid and reliable source of information in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. in all areas of Forensic and Crime Studies. JFCS welcomes submissions of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. 

Methylation Status and Human Age at Three Autosomal Loci: A New Forensic Profiling Tool
Existing criminal DNA profiling methods require prior inclusion of a profile within a criminal database. The ability to obtain descriptive information about an offender from DNA, regardless of database inclusion, would be of great use for investigato...
False Claims: A Case Report of a Questionable Head Injury
Fabricated injury is a major problem for forensic experts. Such injuries are also termed as feigned/fictitious/ simulated injuries involving pretense of the patient to present with an injury. We present an interesting case of such a simulated injury ...
A Conceptual Analysis of Individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder Engaging in Mass Violence
Research investigating the potential mechanisms underlying the development of a mass shooter is currently in its infancy. One of the main explanations for this is the challenges with applying conventional research techniques when trying to understand...
Thoracic Aortic Laceration Resulting in Death, Six Days after a Motor Vehicle Accident: A Case Study
Blunt traumatic aortic rupture (BTAR) resulting from an intimal fracture following a motor vehicle accident is quite rare. Although a standard chest x-ray is an initial gold standard screening test, the diagnosis of aortic rupture requires confirmat...
Gastric Perforation: Postmortem Diagnosis
Gastric perforation, in neonates, is a rare complication, but with high morbidity. Generally, the diagnosis is made, in vivo, in premature, low-weight children, with or without several risk factors, such as the use of mechanical ventilation, gastric ...
Man, and His Madness: The Curse of Post-Modernity
Calderon told me that he once ran into Nikolas Cruz at a Walmart with a friend who knew him. This was after Cruz had been expelled from Stoneman Douglas. The two friends stood and listened as Cruz bragged about a shotgun he had just bought....
Exploring the Unexplored: A Review on Forensic Fraud
Fraud is a criminological descriptor that can have civil and criminal implications depending on context. Occupational fraud is a sub-type of fraud associated with the workplace, referring to a range of misconduct that includes both criminal and non-c...
Islamic Criminal Law: The Divine Criminal Justice System between Lacuna and Possible Routes
The article discusses the main principles of criminal law substantially and procedurally and the rules of evidence for each crime is so strict and need a lot of work to proof its commission and to apply the punishments, so it sounds stricter in appli...
Genetic Identification of Victims in a Bus Fire by the Use of NoorGIS Software
During 2015, a fatal incident happened in Iran. A terrible explosion was happened by a bus fire and in this incident 11 victims burned. Some of the victims could be identified with their medical case history and their external signs. But six victims ...
Can One Hang on Kneeling with Tied-Leg and Mouth?
There are various means adopted for suicide. Poisoning and hanging are reported to be very common means to end life by oneself. As per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), MHA, Government of India, 45.6% hanging cases were reported out of total suic...