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Analysis of Ambadi Dam Water and its Possible Side Effects on Their Peoples of Kannad Tq. Kannad Dist. Aurangabad State, Maharashta Nation, India
According to Health Significance as suggested and explained by World Health Organization Guidelines (WHO) for Drinking-water Quality; WHO standards we has been compared with the AMBADI dam water sample results and the diseases caused by drinking wate...
Role of Vitamin E and Rutin as Potent Inducers of Chlorpyrifos Degradation in the Blood of Treated Male Albino Rats
Determination of chlorpyrifos technical (CPF.T) or formulated (CPF.F) concentrations alone or in combination with vitamin E (Vit. E) or rutin (RT) (ameliorative agents) in the blood of treated male rats after 1, 4, 8 and 12 hrs from oral treatment. G...
Comparison of Three Spectrophotometric Reagents for Determination of Formaldehyde (FA) in Fish
Three colorimetric reagents, Nash reagent (ammonia + acetyl acetone), AHMT reagent (4-amino-3-hydrazino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole) and MBTH reagent (N-methylbenzothiazolinone-2-hydrazone) were compared for spectrophotometric determination of formalde...
Genotoxicity Assessment of the Hospital Wastewaters in Tunisia
Hospitals release considerable amounts of chemicals in their wastewaters. These effluents can be hazardous to the environmental and the human health. In this study we evaluated the in vivo and in vitro genotoxicities of three wastewaters collected fr...
Biomonitoring of Heavy Metals Genotoxicity in Tunisian Costal Using the Comet Assay in the European Clam Ruditapes Decussatus
Heavy metal pollution of coastal water is a growing concern in most parts of the world. This paper aims to investigate the potential genotoxic effects due to heavy metals contamination of Tunisian coastal seawater using the European clam Ruditapes de...
The Reproductive Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles in Testis
The reproductive toxicity of silver nano-particles (AgNPs) is the hotspot in recent years, but the mechanism is not entirely clear.There are some papers and experiments confirmed that AgNPs can be transported through the blood-testicular barrier(BTB)...
The Review for Nonfluorescent Siderophores Produced by Pseudomonads
Siderophores are small, high-affinity iron-chelating compounds that are secreted by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi and serve primarily to transport iron across cell membranes. Iron is an indispensable trace element in virtually all living ...
Consumption of Propolis by Young Wistar Rats Causes Altered Reproductive Parameters in Adults
Puberty is the result of maturation of the hypothalamic-hypophysis-gonadal axis (HPG), and the height of hormonal profiles of adults that bring about the physical changes essential for effective reproductive development. In this developmental period,...
S-Benzylmercapturic Acid (S-BMA) Levels in Urine as an Indicator of Exposure to Toluene in the Kinshasa Population
Toluene, one of the various volatile organic compounds frequently observed in am-bient air, is an environmental toxicant associated with several adverse effects on the central nervous and reproduc-tive systems. In DR Congo, data on environmental tolu...
Chemical Partitioning of Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Chromium and Manganese in Dumpsite Soils of Okene Metropolis North-Central Nigeria
Selected heavy metals Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, Cr, and Mn were studied in dumpsite soil samples collected from nine dumpsites and a control site at Okene metropolis, Kogi state, north-central Nigeria. Geochemical differentiation into different chemical fr...