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Journal of Advancements in Plant Science (JAPS) is new open access, an online-only journal for publication of various basic and applied aspects of plant science. Our scope encompasses all disciplines, such as and plant biology, phytopathology, breeding and genetics, production, and management, seed physiology, biotechnology, health benefits and nutritionally enhanced plants.

Improvement of Yields in Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum.L): Genetic Study of Heterosis in Hybrids Derived From Desi X Kabuli and Kabuli X Kabuli Crosses
To improve yield and agro morphological characters and study the heterosis expressed in Desi x Kabuli and Kabuli x Kabuli crosses in chickpea, four crosses between exotic cultivars of Desi and Kabuli type and two Tunisian kabuli varieties have been r...
Effect of Inter and Intra Row Spacing on Tuber Yield and Yield Components of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Guji zone, Southern Ethiopia
Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) production plays an important role in improving household income and nutrition and thereby contributes to food security. Despite of this, the current productivity of the crop is below the potential. The major production ...
Nutrients Utilization and Haematological Indices of Sokoto Red Goats Fed Maize Cob Replacing Maize Bran with Cowpea Husk Basal Diet
Experiment was conducted to determine the effects of feeding maize bran, maize cob and cowpea husk on feed utilization and hematological indices of Red Sokoto goats. Twenty four (24) bucks with average age and weight of 12 months and 12.00 Kg respect...
A Herbal Formulation of Danshen and Gegen Protects Rat Brains from Injuries Induced By Focal and Global Ischaemia
Ischaemic stroke is a disease that affects many people in developed countries. The occurrence of this disease is also rising globally. Danshen and Gegen are two commonly used Chinese herbal medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This...
Study on Rice Breeding Resistant to Brown Planthoper (Nilaparvata Lugens Stål) in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
The brown planthopper (BPH) is the most serious pest threat to rice production throughout Asia. The materials including 23 varieties and 13 of BC1F1 populations were evaluated for the screening of BPH. The germplasm was screened for BPH following sta...
Fruit Characteristics of the Merlot Clones in Belgrade Wine Growing Region, Serbia
The clonal selection has contributed more variety and adaptability improved quantitative and qualitative characteristics and many of the best-known wine cultivars are ancient. Merlot is a typical example. In Bordeaux keeps about 300 potential clones,...
Taxonomic Status of Halophytes in Coastal Kachchh District, Gujarat
District Kachchh, despite having arid climate and long coastline, can be considered as biologically rich region. For the present study the floristic surveys of both inland and coastal plants were carried out during July 2011 to October 2012, which re...
Marker-Assisted Backcross Screening for Vietnamese Aromatic Rice Lines Derived from TLR7/Khaodawkmali105//TLR7
The research is focused on genotyping via SSR molecular marker. Backcrossing populations of the combination of TLR7/KhaoDawkMali105//TLR7 was generated to stabilize aromatic genes of donors into rice varieties as acceptors by using an advanced backcr...
Appraisal of Innovations in Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services in Cameroon
In view of the mounting challenges facing public provision of agricultural extension and advisory services in sub-Saharan Africa, participatory approaches, involving NGOs, the private sector and farmers’ associations, have gained increasing importa...
Utilization of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Dairy Products
The number of plants used to give flavor, aroma, odor and color to food currently exceeds 20,000. The availability of new areas of use and the increase in the demand for natural products increase the use of these plants day by day. They can be used r...