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Farideh Hamidi
Journal of Addiction Research and Preventive Medicine

Journal of Addiction Research and Preventive Medicine (JARPM) cross-disciplinary journal presenting a fully integrated, multi-specialty perspectives and methods inspecting addictive research & therapy. JARPM provides a forum for the dissemination of information in the extensive field of addiction and encourages research on the etiology, prevention, identification, and treatment of substance.

JARPM is directed toward treatment practitioners in both the private and public sectors, including those involved in health centers, clinics, hospitals, and community agencies.

Efficacy of the Theory of Planned Behavior in Predicting the Psychological Constructs Influencing the Substance Abuse Treatment Continuity
The high rate of relapse after addiction quitting indicates inadequacy of detoxification courses and ignoring the role of psychosocial variables as critical components of successful stopping protocols. This study relied on the Theory of Planned Beh...
Ega-Py/Gc/Ms Study of the Compounds Generated in the Decomposition of Hnb Heet and Neo Tobaccos Under Inert and Oxidative Atmospheres; Comparison with 3r4f Tobacco
Compounds generated when heating two HNB tobaccos (Heet and Neo) and a conventional tobacco (3R4F) were studied by pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS). The Py-GC/MS experiments were carried out in He and air atmosphere at 250, 3...